a2 Platinum®

Made with the pure and naturally occurring A2 protein.
Naturally A1 protein free.


The a2 Platinum® premium range

Frequently asked questions

a2 Platinum®  premium infant formulas and milk drinks are made in New Zealand, to the highest industry standards for infant formula quality and safety.

a2 Platinum® is not lactose free – it contains levels of lactose (naturally occurring milk sugars) comparable to that of other premium infant formulas made from cow’s milk.

There are differences between manufacturers in the composition of infant formula; however the composition of all infant formula products has to comply with strict standards set by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

Most formulas are based on cow’s milk, where the ratio of whey to casein is changed so that the combination of these protein types is closer to that of breast milk.

Infant formulas also have a blend of vegetable oils added as a fat source and most include essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 DHA, that help support normal brain and eye development.

The lactose from the cow’s milk base provides a source of carbohydrate.

There may be other potentially beneficial ingredients added to the formula, including nucleotides and prebiotics which may support the developing immune system or the development of healthy gut bacteria and so help support digestion.

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Try our recipes 
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