a2 Platinum®
Premium Toddler Milk

Made in New Zealand

a2 Platinum® is a world first toddler milk drink that is rich in the pure and naturally occurring A2 beta casein protein and naturally free from the A1 beta casein protein.

a2 Platinum® is the only toddler milk drink containing only the A2 type of protein, and no A1.

a2 Platinum® Toddler Milk is more than a standard cow’s milk. It is a nutritionally advanced milk drink tailored specifically for toddlers, to help ensure toddlers gain full nourishment from their diet.

It also contains additional nutrients for this time of rapid growth and development.

  • Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Zinc & Iodine to support healthy growth and development in children
  • Calcium & Vitamin D to help support healthy bones and teeth
  • One 114mL serve provides from 14-47% of the recom

Available in Coles, selected independent stores, including IGA Supa IGA, Woolworths, Foodworks, Foodland, and selected Pharmacies.

Recomended daily intake (RDI) of 16 essential vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth and development in toddlers.

Servings Per Package: 53

Average Qty Per Serve 114mL Average Quantity Per 100mL Prepared Feed
Energy 332kJ 292kJ
Protein 3.1g 2.7g
Whey protein 40% 1.2g 1.1g
Casein protein 60% 1.9g 1.7g
A2 Beta-casein 0.60g 0.53g
A1 Beta-casein** ND ND
Carbohydrate 8.94g 7.84g
Dietary fibre 0.46g 0.4g
Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) 0.46g 0.4g
Fat, total 3.3g 2.9g
Saturated 1.1g 1g
Trans <0.1g <0.1g
Monounsaturated 1.1g 1g
Polyunsaturated 0.9g 0.8g
Omega-3 109mg 96mg
α-Linolenic acid (ALA) 88mg 78mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 18mg 16mg
Omega-6 776mg 681mg
Linoloic acid 765mg 671mg
Sodium 31mg 27mg
Vitamins Average Qty. Per Serve 114mL %RDI Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100mL Prepared Feed
Vitamin A 45μg-RE 15% 39μg-RE
Vitamin D 0.87μg 17% 0.76μg
Vitamin E 1.7mg α-TE 34% 1.5mg α-TE
Thiamin (vitamin B1) 144μg 29% 126μg
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 240μg 30% 210μg
Vitamin B6 167μg 24% 146μg
Vitamin B12 0.43μg 43% 0.37μg
Niacin (vitamin B3) 1389μg 28% 1219μg
Folic acid 17μg 17% 15μg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 14mg 47% 12mg
Minerals Average Qty. Per Serve 114mL %RDI Per Serving Average Quantity Per 100mL Prepared Feed
Calcium 119mg 17% 104mg
Iodine 20μg 29% 18μg
Iron 1.8mg 30% 1.6mg
Magnesium 14mg 18% 12mg
Phosphorus 82mg 16% 72mg
Zinc 0.65mg 15% 0.57mg

% RDI = % Recommended Dietary Intake for children aged 1 to 3 years
**Not detected. PPRI00336

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