Toddler nutrition

Getting started with toddler nutrition

Children are all so different and so are their eating behaviours. Your little one may offer some resistance when you start introducing new foods of different tastes and textures. Don’t give up. Research shows that little ones may need exposure to new foods up to 20 or so times before acceptance. A child is also more likely to accept new foods when they are rested and not overly hungry, so don’t expect too much when the little ones are tired and famished. Let’s give our toddlers time and just keep working with them.

The power of food presentation

Puffy pikelets

Little Johnny may respond better the second, third or even thirteenth time he receives a food, when it is presented in a readily available and accessible form, such as providing food already cut up. Little ones can also experience improved diet quality by sharing food with peers who enjoy eating a range of foods. You could also try sitting and sharing some of the same food. Happy and healthy eating.

Food groups

Parents and carers can help their little ones get started with healthy nutrition habits by giving access to a range of wholesome and healthy foods. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, you might get some food and serve size ideas from these webpages. We have developed these ideas based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013).

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Discretionary foods

A word about discretionary foods


Let’s teach our toddlers that things like chips, chocolates, lollies, cakes, muesli bars etc. are best called ‘sometimes’ foods.

Sweet drinks

It’s best to avoid or limit drinking sweet things like fruit juice, cordial, sports & soft drinks and flavoured milk, as they are high in sugar.

 Water is best

Water is the best drink for your child. Teach them from an early age that water is the best…

Sparkling natural mineral water with a squeeze of lemon juice can make a great treat. It works especially well when a grown up is also drinking it…

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