How much, how often?

Provide around 3 serves per day of these calcium rich dairy foods or alternatives. This may be as smaller serves throughout the day, or combined in bigger serves (as your child pleases).

Lactose intolerance tip

True lactose intolerance (called primary lactose intolerance) is very uncommon in young toddlers. If your little one is showing signs/symptoms of lactose intolerance, this may be secondary to some other gut upset so consult your healthcare professional.

A2 Beta-casein protein tip

Goat, sheep, camel, buffalo and yak milk all naturally contain the A2 beta-casein type protein rather than the A1 type. In this way, they are like a2 Milk™ Full Cream.

*Cereal based beverages, when used as a milk alternative, should be used under the guidance of a dietitian for children between 1–2 years of age.

1/2 cup of magnificent milk (a2 Milk™ Full Cream does the trick)
1/2 cup of creamy homemade custard
2 tablespoons of soft cheeky cheese (1/2 a serve)
100g of yummy yoghurt (a2™ Jalna Natural Creamy Yoghurt is delicious)
20g hard charming cheese
1/2 cup of homemade radical rice pudding or sassy sago
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