Updates on a2 Platinum®

What has changed?

  • Packaging labelling across the a2 Platinum® range has changed from Blue to Purple. As a result, the scoop in the Stage 1 a2 Platinum® formula will change from blue to purple.

Have there been any changes to the formulations?

  • There have been no changes to the formulations of any product in the a2 Platinum® range.

Why has the labelling changed?

  • As our brand develops and evolves, so does the look and feel of our packaging. Our parent company – The a2 Milk Company made a decision 18 months ago to move our core brand colour from blue to purple. The change is purely to align a2 Platinum® to our core brand colour – purple.

When did this change come into effect?

  • From January 2016, you will notice Purple a2 Platinum® labelled products in the market. These are authentic a2 Platinum® products endorsed by The a2 Milk Company.
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